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Re: Advice on system purchase

On 10/27/12 23:10, David Christensen wrote:
> I finally settled on Wheezy OOTB as much as possible with LUKS, ext4,
> and VirtualBox,

Correction:  And Intel HD 2000 graphics support, single head.

On 10/28/12 04:32, Mark Allums wrote:
I don't bother with SSDs on Linux machines for personal use.

I believe my SSD is the single most important factor contributing to overall responsiveness of my desktop machine. The latency is what makes the difference -- hundreds of seeks at 5.5 ms each for a Western Digital WD800JB HDD take seconds. At 85 us per seek, an Intel 520 series SSD can do the same in a tiny fraction of a second. The key parameter is random input/output operations per second.


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