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Cups: Shared vs unshared priner and broadcasts


we have a big PC poolroom with 3 printers, that are shared and used via broadcast. The clients can use them, without any password. These printers are also available for the external users with there own laptops. Access to them is only allowed via username/password, but the printers aren't shared, because if I share them, the poolclients get them too, what is unnecessary, because, they are only duplicates.

One example:

Shared printer, access from the poolclients:

<Location /printers/E003>
  Order allow, deny
  Allow localhost

unshared printer, access only with username/password:

<Location /printers/E003-external>
  Encryption IfRequested
  Order allow, deny
  Allow localhost
  Allow from All
  AuthType Basic
  AuthClass User
  Require valid-user

The unshared, but accepting printer can used, but commands like "lp -d E003-external" or "lpr -P E003-external" ... can't access them ... and some other tools. Windows / OSX works, If I create a new printer with the printers URL, so I don't have to share this printer.

So, my questions is: can I merge both printers to one, with the correct ACL, or can I share E003-external, but without broadcasting it to the poolclients.

cu denny

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