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Re: Can wheezy boot into a LVM over RAID?

On Sat, 01 Sep 2012 20:17:10 +0000, Hendrik Boom wrote:

> Can squeeze boot when / is on an LVM over RAID1?
> Can it boot if /boot is on the LVM over RAID1?
> Or when /boot is on a nonRAID nonLVM partition but / is on an LVM over
> Context:  I have to remove the hard drive my / is on.  The available
> space to move it to is on a RAID drive.
> The disks carrying the RAID also have small nonRAID nonLVM partitions
> that would be big enough for /boot, but not all of /
> -- hendrik

Thanks for all the advice on this thread.

My conclusion:  that squeeze can boot when /boot is on the root partition 
which in turn is on lvm2 over RAID.

But after upgrading that squeeze to wheezy, it can not boot the new 3.0 
kernel.  Apparently something is just too big.  I have only managed to 
boot my wheezy system using the latest 2.6 series kernel, and with the 
3.0 version udev, that isn't too successful.

Running the wheezy lilo works without complaint, but if I try to boot the 
3.0 series kernel, it ends up waiting for the root partition forever.  No 
wonder, since it hasn't recornised the LVM partitions, having complained 
at boot one about the partition table on the RAID partition.

No problems doing this and booting the 2.6 series kernel, though.

All kernels are stock kernels installed from the Debian packages.

I'm going to give this attempt a rest, and place /boot on a non-LVM 
partition.  I've found another partition I can sacrifice to this end. Its 
contents are obsolete.

At this point I forget what grub2 did, but it found a way to fail, too.  
Of course, this may be because I was running it on a wheezy systen where 
many packages faild to configure themselves, presumably because I did the 
upgrade with the wrong kernel, not having successfully booted the right 

So far lilo with a separate /boot partition seems to br my best bet.  
I'll make sure to reserve plenty of space outside the RAID on my two new 
three-terabyte drives when I finally get to partition them under wheezy.

-- hendrik

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