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Re: full automated installation preseed without any network connection?

anotst01@fastmail.fm wrote:
Dear list,

can Debian be fully automated installed when there is no network
connection available?

Did you actually test it? If so, can share your preseed.cfg please?

Did you solve your problem(s)?

I wish to do something similar, but more perhaps more restrictive.

I am trying to demonstrate a possible installation bug and prove that the "bug" is not "operator error". Based on more than a half century of trouble shooting experience in a variety of environments, I will
restrict the installation to:
1. a laptop dedicated to this test which will never be connected to any network, actual or virtual.
  2. the hard drive will be reformatted prior to each test run.
3. the install media will be DVD 1 of 8 of Debian 6.0.5 from a commercial source.
  4. preseed.cfg will be on a USB stick.

I think I've found links to tell me how to point to preseed.cfg.
I think it should be possible to record the post install state. I've more reading to do.

Comments, hints, pointers?

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