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Re: Setting up to do repetitive installs on ONE machine (cf BabelBox)

Andrei POPESCU wrote:
On Ma, 28 aug 12, 07:26:18, Richard Owlett wrote:

Can someone point me to detailed instructions on setting up a client
and "server" on a single physical computer. As a primary motivation
for this whole project is learning Linux, I foresee lots of related
reading :)

Most (if not all) client/server software works fine on a single machine.
If your goal is to create more complex environments that your probably
want virtual machines (KVM, VirtualBox, Xen, etc.)

Kind regards,

You first sentence indicates I may know even less than I thought I might.

To verify we are talking about the same thing:
I'm envisioning a Debian repository on the "server".
I will then use netinst to install Debian on the "client".
Later a browser running on the "client" will be able to access an HTML page on the "server" or connect to a page on the WWW via dial-up.

Recommended client/server software for a newbie?

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