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Re: replacing GDM with a script

On Mi, 08 aug 12, 14:51:00, Frank McCormick wrote:
>     At this point I am running SLIM...although I am told now it is
> unmaintained. How can that be if it's still in the repositories ?

Probably because it doesn't have any RC bugs.

> Anyway it requires a fair amount of config-ing...and much info
> necessary to get it running properly is not in the manual or even on
> the home website.
> I'll see how it goes..and will try nodm later, although if I have to
> update-alternatives every time I change wm...that would soon become
> a PITA :)

On stable I dropped gdm for plain startx. On unstable, so far, lightdm 
did not get in the way enough to drop it as well, but my needs (and 
those of the people running computers administered by me) are simple ;)

Kind regards,
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