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Re: Problems with open source ati driver

On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 12:12 PM, Gary Dale <garydale@rogers.com> wrote:
> On 05/08/12 04:59 AM, John Kapnogiannis wrote:
>> Hello. I own a dell studio 1555 laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD
>> 4570 (RV710) gpu and I have problems configuring it. I recently found
>> out that support has been dropped from fglrx and that the only
>> solution for me is the open source radeon driver. Here's my story:
>> I edited the xorg.conf file and replaced "fglrx" with "radeon". Except
>> from that there are no more options added to the segment "Device". I
>> istalled all the packages necessary for non-free firmware etc. I use
>> an up-to-date testing installation with KDE. KDM never comes up. I
>> just get a console where i type my login credentials and type "startx"
>> in order to start x server. KDE gets loaded with 3d effects on after
>> an upgrade in some acpi packages. Prior to that upgrade 3d effects
>> failed to load.
>> My problem on all this is that after a while my laptop starts to gain
>> high temperature leading to a complete cut of power. Suppose this is a
>> failsafe method for it to avoid permanent damage. I have searched but
>> I have found no solution. Any help?
>> Please cc me cause I am not currently registered to this mailing list.
>> Thank you very much
> Have you tried it without using an xorg.conf? Also, do you have the radeon
> kernel module loaded?

Yes I have tried deleting the xorg.conf but the results are the same.
I think KMS is enabled. I found that out following a guide in debian

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