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Re: Problems with open source ati driver

On 05/08/12 04:59 AM, John Kapnogiannis wrote:
Hello. I own a dell studio 1555 laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD
4570 (RV710) gpu and I have problems configuring it. I recently found
out that support has been dropped from fglrx and that the only
solution for me is the open source radeon driver. Here's my story:

I edited the xorg.conf file and replaced "fglrx" with "radeon". Except
from that there are no more options added to the segment "Device". I
istalled all the packages necessary for non-free firmware etc. I use
an up-to-date testing installation with KDE. KDM never comes up. I
just get a console where i type my login credentials and type "startx"
in order to start x server. KDE gets loaded with 3d effects on after
an upgrade in some acpi packages. Prior to that upgrade 3d effects
failed to load.

My problem on all this is that after a while my laptop starts to gain
high temperature leading to a complete cut of power. Suppose this is a
failsafe method for it to avoid permanent damage. I have searched but
I have found no solution. Any help?

Please cc me cause I am not currently registered to this mailing list.

Thank you very much

Have you tried it without using an xorg.conf? Also, do you have the radeon kernel module loaded?

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