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Re: Debian multimedia repository (was: Shockwave Flash)

Am Mittwoch, 1. August 2012 schrieb Teemu Likonen:
> Gary Dale [2012-08-01 13:55:09 -0400] wrote:
> > Agreed. I would also advise people to stay away from
> > debian-multimedia. It's packages are incompatible with standard
> > Debian packages in many cases. [...] debian-multimedia can be too
> > much of a headache.
> It has worked fine the seven or eight years I've been using it. So, it
> depends. Different Debian releases and different packages vary so much
> that I think we can't say that Debian multimedia is good or bad as a
> whole. Instead we could warn users that occasionally there are
> incompatible packages.

I have had several apt-get / aptitude session to get things straight in 
order to be able a package from the official debian repository while 
packages from the debian-multimedia reposity have been installed.

So I use packages from that repository sparely. And have this to avoid 
further trouble:

martin@merkaba:~> cat /etc/apt/preferences
Explanation: Manchmal Konflikte mit offiziellen Paketquellen, 15.6.2011
Package: *
Pin: release o=Unofficial Multimedia Packages
Pin-Priority: 200

The german translates to: "Sometimes conflicts with official package 

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