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Re: Debian multimedia repository (was: Shockwave Flash)

On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 12:48 AM, Titanus Eramius <titanus@aptget.dk> wrote:
> On Wed, 01 Aug 2012 21:20:59 +0300
> Teemu Likonen <tlikonen@iki.fi> wrote:
>> Gary Dale [2012-08-01 13:55:09 -0400] wrote:
>> > Agreed. I would also advise people to stay away from
>> > debian-multimedia. It's packages are incompatible with standard
>> > Debian packages in many cases. [...] debian-multimedia can be too
>> > much of a headache.
>> It has worked fine the seven or eight years I've been using it. So, it
>> depends. Different Debian releases and different packages vary so much
>> that I think we can't say that Debian multimedia is good or bad as a
>> whole. Instead we could warn users that occasionally there are
>> incompatible packages.
> My 2 cents on this is, that once packages is installed from Debian
> Multimedia it's very hard to go back to stable. But if one keeps using
> Debian Multimedia there are rarely any problems.

My recent experience Debian MM repo has been different.

Around May/June 2011, I had installed Debian 6.0.2 (amd64) with VLC
(Deb repo) + MythTV (Deb MM repo).   VLC and MythTV worked fine side
by side.   No issues.

End of July/2012, I installed Debain 6.0.5 (amd64) with VLC (Deb
repo).  VLC worked fine.    I then installed MythTV from the Deb MM
repo (squeeze/updates), expecting to get a compatible package with

After MythTV installation, VLC stopped working.   After searching
found these discussions to be applicable to my problem:

I need both VLC and MythTV to work side by side and it was no longer
possible with packages pulled in from the Debian MM repo.

I ended up with a fresh 6.0.5  install with VLC; I then compiled
MythTV from source.   Most dependencies were resolved by packages from
the Debian repo except for lame.     I compiled lame from source and
MythTV built fine.    Now MythTV from source and VLC from Debian repo
are both working fine.

With my experience, I will say use Debian MM with caution; at least
for Squeeze amd64.

My two cents.  YMMV

Arun Khan
"As a layman, I would say we have it, but as a scientist I have to
say, 'What do we have?'"
Rolf Heuer, Director General CERN on the announcement of Higgs Boson particle.

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