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Re: Other Open Ports

Charles Kroeger wrote:
> I'm thinking my firewall 'Shorewall' encompasses an extensive enough design to
> cover any attempts of intrusion that may occur, I do notice notwithstanding, that
> although ports 0 and 1 are closed, they still show up on test like grc.com's
> 'shields-up' port scanner.

I don't know about about the grc.com scanner but I would trust what
nmap tells you.  Try probing your system with nmap and see what it

  nmap localhost

> I know that 0 <nil> is not a port and yet it is a port as 0 is a number in our
> world and port 1 has its function described, so why would these two ports
> even show up?

I am skeptical.  Probe them explicitly.

  nmap -p 0-10 localhost

> On Debian it seems whatever firewall one uses these two ports are
> always visible and closed, so if port 0 is not a port and and port 1
> is always closed, why do they announce themselves if pinged?

What does nmap say? :-)


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