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Disabling Recommends [was: Re: is it rational to close the 139 port]

On Du, 22 iul 12, 18:58:36, Erwan David wrote:
> > However, I have noticed a tendency for things to be installed or
> > started that open new ports, and it's easy to overlook them. Aptitude
> > in particular will install extra packages that you don't need or want.
> For this, first thing is to disable automatic installation of
> recommended packages, it is much more easy to manage then.

I would not hurry to do this unless the machine in question is really 
space constrained (e.g. I have an install on a 2 GB USB stick). Since 
apt-get installs recommends by default as well Maintainers have started 
moving stuff from Depends to Recommends (to allow special use cases and 

If you disable Recommends you should understand that is your 
responsibility for any missing functionality that may be important for 

Kind regards,
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