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Re: installion problem

On Sun, 22 Jul 2012 04:37:05 -0700, Mohd Asif wrote:

(please, no html posts, thanks...)

> hello,while installing debian os, 

What exactly... stable, testing (weekly, daily)? What ISO... CD, DVD, 

> after providing partitioning and applying it some error is occuring
> (unable to partition error: /dev/sda).

What kind of partitioning are you doing? Is your hard disk using 
something special, such as LVM or RAID volume?

You can try with the expert installer and manaully partition your hard 
disk or use any already-made partition for each mount moint. Also, you 
can jump to a console to see what's the exact error you get.

> or without providing partition too, its viewing read error

I don't understand this. You mean you are getting the same error 
regardless you partition you hard disk or not? :-?



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