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Re: Netbook acer ao-722 bz-893

> I bought an Acer AO 722-C52kk because it looked good; wished I hadn't, nice
> machine but, oh the trouble to get it working properly, (sound still using
> wrong card, or some such).
> Your ethernet should just work with almost all Linux distros OOB using DHCP;
> I think there is a problem there.
> Much as I like my troublesome machine, I advise you to take it back & get
> something running Intel Atom with Intel graphics.

Dear Keith and Charles,

Thanks for your reply! I decided to return it... Charles, I wish I had
this idea yesterday, but now maybe is too late, because the store
already put back windows 7 on it.

It would be so nice to buy a good netbook with debian on it out of the box!


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