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Re: Do ATI HD cards have good working drivers for Linux (Debian Squeeze in particular)

On Jo, 12 iul 12, 19:40:33, Gary Dale wrote:
> On 12/07/12 06:41 PM, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> >On Jo, 12 iul 12, 09:04:48, Gary Dale wrote:
> >>On 12/07/12 04:58 AM, Ivo Ugrina wrote:
> >>>I've bought ATI 6750 a few months ago
> >>>and I'm not satisfied with FLOSS driver.
> >>>I can't suspend anymore. The card simply
> >>>won't shut down.
> >>Did you file a bug report for it?
> >>
> >>I've found the Debian package maintainers to be quite eager to work
> >>with people to resolve issues relating to their packages. They don't
> >>have easy access to all the possible hardware variations so they
> >>need bug reports to alert them to problems.
> >Err, since they don't have the source code there is not much they can do
> >about it.
> >
> You said you were using the open source driver.

You probably meant Ivo, but you're right, I somehow understood he was 
talking about the non-free driver :(

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