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Re: Do ATI HD cards have good working drivers for Linux (Debian Squeeze in particular)

On Wed, 2012-07-11 at 18:04 +0530, aditya menon wrote:

> So the summary would be that "there are open source drivers available,
> they do work, but I may be violating licences" - am I right?

You aren't. Pardon for my broken English. Open source drivers don't
violate any license. A combination of open source licensed software and
proprietary drivers sometimes does offend each others license, but not

There are open source drivers. You should search the web, if the card
you wish to use is supported. The open source drivers don't support or
have a limited support of 3D acceleration, but usually all resolutions
do work. If a card isn't supported, than usually the open source vesa
driver does work without 3D acceleration and only with a limited
resolution, take a look at (extended) vesa standards.


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