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Re: Restore point needed

On Fri, 06 Jul 2012 19:23:23 -0300, Leo wrote:

> Hi!:

Hi Leo but please, avoid using html formatted posts. Thanks.

>  I send a mail but I was'nt suscribe.

There's no need to be subscribed to post to this mailing list, I neither 

>  I am from Uruguay, 

Bienvenido pues :-)

There's a Spanish speaking mailing list (debian-user-spanish), you can 
also post to there, in Spanish, of course.

> We use Linux system till a lot of years in our servers. 
> I think - if possible for developpers -, that a "restore point" could be
> a great step forward.

Uh? You man something like the Windows restore points? I've seen nothing 
like that for Linux but yes, it would great for users having a similar 
option although I barely have used it, in Windows, I mean.

>  When I make an : aptitude safe-upgrade, never I will now if I will have
>  same problems or now. If iIhave troubles, I c'ant "revenir en arriere",
>  (come back).

Well, that's what virtual machines and clone testing machines are for: 
before applying an update (or dist-upgrading the production servers) you 
first try in the testing computers to see how it goes; should it fails, 
you stop and analyze what went wrong before proceeding with the rest of 
the systems :-)



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