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Re: Bridging eth0/br0 & NetworkManager - can they coexist?

Jon Dowland <jmtd@debian.org> wrote:
> You don't need to remove NM. I have it managing my wifi and 3G connections,
> but manage eth0 via ifupdown (and attach it to a bridge).

That's what I have at the moment, and NM gets itself in a tizzy when I
want to use eth0 as my primary connection and borks my non-local traffic.

Slightly more technically, the default route I define via eth0 gets
overridden/replaced to be via wlan0 at the point NM realises it recognises
the wireless AP. (To be a little fair, the documentation does warn about
this, but now we're back to the beginning of the thread.)

I've recently modified /etc/default/Network-Manager so that NM is
prevented from starting at boot-time if I already have a viable default
route via eth0. Ugly, but effective in my typical scenario.


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