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Re: Bridging eth0/br0 & NetworkManager - can they coexist?

On 29/06/12 23:47, Chris Davies wrote:
> Steve Dowe <sd@warpuniversal.co.uk> wrote:
>> The issue I'm having, using wheezy, is that if I set up a bridged
>> ethernet interface for eth0 (br0), as per instructions on the Debian
>> wiki etc, NetworkManager can no longer manage my wired ethernet connection.
> You can't do that  :-(

That was almost the right answer  ;)

> If you need a bridge (like I do), AFAIK the only two solutions are:
> - uninstall network manager and return to using /etc/network/interfaces
> - add the missing code to network manager

I'm trying to decide what's more tempting...

> I have tried various ways of "persuading" NM that it wants to control
> my bridged interface instead of the physical one, and it really won't
> play ball. I had wanted to try and keep NM on my laptop because it does
> wireless better than my previous home-grown solutions. But I've had
> to unmanage my wired NIC and now NM tries really hard to bring up the
> wireless interface each time someone logs in.

I like the ease with which I can configure (and test) VPNs for clients

> Oh well. I suppose I should be glad I'm not alone. But it doesn't really
> help you, does it.

No... but as you say, knowing the there might be a reasonable use case
for controlling a bridged ethernet device means there may be a solution,
one day.

Steve Dowe

Warp Universal

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