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Re: cyrus --> dovecot

On Thu, 21 Jun 2012 17:29:40 +0200, Móczik Gábor wrote:

> I want cyrus-imapd and dovecot-imapd both installed simultaneously until
> migrating all the mails from Cyrus and testing the new service.
> The problem is, that apt want to remove Cyrus if I install dovecot.

What's the exact output you get from apt?

> Is there a technical reason for this restriction?

At a first glance I see none, both packages should be able to coexist in 
the same system. A different thing would be that you wanted to use both 
services at the same time in the same host using the standard ports...
> I think, it will not cause any problems if I run dovecot on different
> port, and when I finshed the migration and testing I remove Cyrus
> manually.

Yup, I also think so. Having a virtual/spare machine for testing these 
things can help in such cases.

> Is there a way not to automatically remove Cyrus?

I wonder what package/rule is the reason for the "break" or "conflict" 

> It's not an option to stop IMAP service for hours or so.

I'm curious about the replacement, may I ask why you want to replace 
Cyrus for Dovecot?



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