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Re: MySQL stored procedure slow with recent Wheezy upgrade

Daniel Kraft wrote:
On 04/06/12 20:24, Daniel Kraft wrote:
On 04/06/12 16:23, hvw59601 wrote:
Daniel Kraft wrote:

I'm running Wheezy, and a recent update to MySQL made a database
application much, much slower.  The query performed is a stored
procedure containing some loops, which before (at least on 24th May)
took less than one second, and now (today) more than four minutes.  I
didn't change either the code nor the data.


What's the version of MySQL?
It's the current version of Wheezy, 5.5.23+dfsg-2.

Follow-up: I now installed mysql-common 5.1.26-1 from the snapshot
archive and then the matching mysql-server-5.1 and mysql-client-5.1
packages.  With them, I get back the old performance.

Thus I hope that my immediate problem is fixed, but it is still
interesting why the current version has this problem!

I run mysql in both Wheezy and Sid but I have not noticed any difference between the different versions.
Good that you at least got around the problem.


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