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Re: Problem with kernel patching

On Sun, 03 Jun 2012 21:35:12 +0100, dobrimaros@yahoo.pl wrote:

(please, no html formatted posts, thanks :-) )

> Hello, I have a problem with patching kernel 2.6-2.6.32.
> I'm trying to add PVUSB [1] support in Xen. According to [1] I should
> add a patch [2] to kernel. I was trying to do it with steps described in
> [3].
> I had to make some changes in the patch file because in the meantime
> some other changes appeared. After my changes the patch file looks like
> [4].
> When I try to execute "make -f debian/rules source-all" it fails at
> applying my patch stage. The errors appearing until I add "a/" i "b/"
> prefixes at lines 2, 3, 2045, 2046, 2060, 2061,4390 and 4391. I'm not
> sure what is the purpose of using it there.


Mmm... it's a rather large patch. I would ask for feedback at the "pkg-
xen-devel" mailing list:




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