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Re: xml editor ?

On 03/06/12 12:24 PM, Frank McCormick wrote:
On 03/06/12 07:41 AM, Weaver wrote:

Frank McCormick<debianlist@videotron.ca> writes:

I am trying out a window manager which uses XML (uugh!) for it's
configuration file.
Making changes with a text editor has almost blinded me...what is the
"best" GUI editor which handles XML ??

How is Conglomerate looking these days?


Good question - I'll investigate .

  I did - conglomerate only supports  a few formats....and did not like
the way my .jwmrc is formatted. Actually it doesn't seem to be in any common XML format...as even xmlcopyeditor find problems with it.
I guess it'll be back to text for now...but it sure makes setting up
jwm  a tough job.


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