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Re: Re (2): Computer case

On 6/2/2012 4:42 AM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Sat, 2012-06-02 at 04:04 -0500, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> The mounting holes are the same dimensions.  But the server chassis must
>> be designed for dog ear mounting.  Many/most today are designed for
>> slide rail use, meaning the dog ears alone aren't strong enough to
>> support the chassis.  Most generic 4U and larger chassis can be dog ear
>> mounted just fine.  2U/3U units will tend to bend/sag where ears attach
>> to the chassis, and nobody should ever consider dog ear mounting a 1U
>> chassis.
> Around 4U is the wide of a tower. 

Yes.  4U = 1.75" x 4 = 7 inches

> I guess the mobo and cards only fit to
> 4U high, even 3U might be to small.

4U chassis will accept full height cards, and those vid cards with big
heat pipe coolers.  4U chassis are the cheapest RM units by bar.  A 4U
would best fit your needs and cost target.  Here's a good one for the $$


Note the cheapest RM cases, WITHOUT PSUs, are the same price as a
mid/high end mini towers w/PSU.

> Perhaps a 19" case idea isn't good due to the cooling 

That case above has excellent cooling.  However, if your audio rack has
a back panel you cannot use an RM case, as the hot exhaust air would get
trapped inside the cabinet and overheat the PC.

> OTOH just small
> sidewalls (equivalent to a tower's base and top) are surrounded by the
> cabinet/rack walls. Above and below the 19" computer case I could keep
> many units empty, which also might be needed regarding to shielding
> issues, when mounted to an audio cabinet/rack.

This will not work.  The audio rack must have an open front and open
back.  If it has a back panel, simply remove it.  If you'd rather not
remove it permanently, simply remove it, cut out a rectangle the size of
the RM chassis with a Rotozip, Fein multitool, jigsaw, etc, so the
exhaust air can escape.  If the panel is cheap Masonite (pressed board)
you can cut it with a utility knife.  If none of this is possible, don't
buy a rackmount case.


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