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Re: Programs for direct friend-to-friend file transfer?

On Sat 02 Jun 2012 at 09:14:12 -0400, Miles Fidelman wrote:

> Aubrey Raech wrote:
>> 1. Not a proper server (http, ftp)
> Pretty much all modern o/s's come with both a web server and ftp  
> pre-installed.  It's a matter of turning them on, and configuring them  
> (if your target is running a GUI, it's usually a check box).

I was going to let it go but the more I look at what you say the more I
wonder what you are talking about. Debian is a modern OS but, whenever I
have put it on a computer, it has never come with a web server or ftp

> ftp to an anonymous account is probably the easiest to set up

Could be, depending on what you want to set up. The deciding factor,
however, is how easy it is for the person who wants to download a file.

> if your target is running unix, I'd suggest simply ssh + scp -- again  
> they're already there and it's a simple command to transfer something

Target? You mean the machine which is downloading? Even if they were on
Debian, the use of ssh is over the top.

>> 2. No usernames? (scp, rsync)
> seems like a bad idea - if you were sending me something, I sure  
> wouldn't want to expose my machine to the world, just so you can send me  
> a file

I do not understand that. He is making something available. You download
it. How is that exposing your machine to the world? You do it all the
time. He doesn't require a username or password - that's his problem,
not yours.

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