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Re: Programs for direct friend-to-friend file transfer?

Miles Fidelman wrote:
Aubrey Raech wrote:
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Hello Debian users!

Sometimes I have the need to send files that are too large for email to
a friend directly (such as recordings of music I am working on, or
similar projects). I'm wondering if there is a program that I could use
for direct transfer, hopefully with these qualifications:

If you're going to be sending to a friend, the real issue is getting your friend to install something and use it, which makes it a question of:
- what, if anything, are your targets willing and able to install
- how complicated things get to use
- whether someone has to be at the other end to "receive" the file, or whether it's automatic

In this regard, I think all three of your requirements get in your way of doing something easy and practical.

1. Not a proper server (http, ftp)

Pretty much all modern o/s's come with both a web server and ftp pre-installed. It's a matter of turning them on, and configuring them (if your target is running a GUI, it's usually a check box).

ftp to an anonymous account is probably the easiest to set up

if your target is running unix, I'd suggest simply ssh + scp -- again they're already there and it's a simple command to transfer something

2. No usernames? (scp, rsync)
seems like a bad idea - if you were sending me something, I sure wouldn't want to expose my machine to the world, just so you can send me a file

3. Preferably does not require a chat protocol (XMPP, IRC's DCC)

well, dropping a file into a chat session is a really easy way to move files

Now... what I do in this case is mozy over to filmail.com - one of several services that provide a simple (and free) file mailing service:
- go to the web page
- enter sender/recipient email addresses
- enter file path (or browse to file path)
- "send"

The system uploads your file, and sends an email that includes a link. The recipient gets the email, clicks the link to download the file. All quick, easy, no software install.

If you don't want to rely on a third party, there are packages that you can install on your machine to do similar things - essentially sending a one-time link my email, that allows the recipient to download the file from your machine.

Neat. Thanks.


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