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Re: Programs for direct friend-to-friend file transfer?

On 02.06.2012 09:21, Aubrey Raech wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Jun 2012 08:08:44 +0200
> Tom Rausner <tom@rausner.dk> wrote:
>> Dropbox ?
> Ah, and avoiding third-party servers was also a hopeful :-/ I'd prefer
> not to have my files "out there" on the web... more of a direct
> person-to-person transfer.
> I've also considered making a .torrent file for whatever it is I want
> to transfer and using a public tracker for it, but that seems far more
> roundabout than necessary. A torrent of one.
> --Aubrey

GPG encrypted file(s) + torrent with public tracker?
I have used that method sometimes.

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