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Re: Disable touchpad with Fn key

On Wed, 30 May 2012 11:06:57 -0700, Riley Paxton wrote:

> Hello, I am trying to configure several of the not-yet configured Fn
> keys on my Netbook, and I need some help with one right now. I want to
> disable the touchpad (mouse) functionality, including buttons and all
> completely when I hit Fn+F3.
> I want to disable it in the kernel level (or userspace level) but not
> with Xorg only. For example, I also use gpm with my ttys, so I also want
> it disabled there.

Okay, some hints to disable the touchpad:

1/ Under X, it can be easily toggled off with "synclient TouchpadOff=1"

2/ With X loaded, I think you'll have to use "gpm" functionalities. There 
are some settings you can tweak listed at "/usr/share/doc/gpm/
> Well, finally I should mention that the Fn key should be a toggle
> button. So once I press Fn+F3 after it's disabled, I want it to toggle
> back to enabled.

Ufff, that's too much, I mean, making a toggleable button featuring 
multiple states :-P

> The Fn has no software keycode on it's own, it's hard-coded, so when I
> used showkey -s the output was only keycode 191. Any suggestions? What
> utils should I use?

To pair a function key with a preset action it could be useful the set of 
loadkeys/showkey/dumpkeys utilities (sorry that I can't be more precise, 
I never had to configure this).



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