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Re: iceweasel preferences

On Mon, 21 May 2012 12:19:01 -0500, John W. Foster wrote:

> Only reason I dont like iceweasel is because when I right click on a
> link in an opened web page, the menue that pops up offers to open a new
> web page first the it offeres to open a new tab as the second choice
> then others... 

I get "open in new tab" first, then "open in new window" :-?

> I want to change the order that it presents to new tab first then new
> web page. I have been unable to do this in preferences. Any ideas,
> tips, or possible solutions, etc.? 

I remember this question from this same list but don't recall the exact 
link. Anyway, you can try with an add-on:


(check first if the addon is compatible with your current Iceweasel 



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