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[SOLVED] Apache not delivering local pages locally


I'm slowly configuring a new laptop, and today got around to
installing some of my local websites, stuff that I serve on my local
machine to a browser on the same machine (like a collection of
recipes, for example). Connections to "localhost" kept timing out, but
I was able to give another machine on the network the IP address and
the connection worked, so I then knew it wasn't a problem with
apache2. It turns out that my loopback interface, lo, was not
configured for some reason. Maybe - I am on a testing system recently
updated - it had something to do with ifupdown being removed
yesterday. Anyway, I installed the new ifupdown, rebooted, and lo was
configured, and my web server once again works locally.

I thought, if anyone else was having a similar problem, they might
appreciate the solution, which is to make sure that lo is configured.


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