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Re: [OT] strangeness with dhcp relay server

I had some insight from the Cisco support forums. Apparently DHCP Relays
are meant to forward requests *outside* the LAN, and should not be used
when server and relay are in the same LAN. So I am guessing the behavior
is not defined, if this happens.

The thread is here:


I really don't know the first thing about networking... :-)

On 15/05/2012 04:12 μμ, Panayiotis Karabassis wrote:
> Hiya,
> I had posted a while back about this problem, and it seems critical
> information was under my nose.
> I am running my own dhcpd server on my Debian box. Often a client would
> send DISCOVER packets, but receive no reply. The information comes from
> wireshark running on the server machine, and I attach the relevant packets.
> My network is:
> DHCP server (wheezy)
> <--(wifi)-->
> Linksys X3000 router acting as a DHCP relay
> <--(wifi)-->
> Linksys RE1000 repeater
> <--(wifi)-->
> client machine
> As you can see the DHCP server receives the DISCOVER message and replies
> with an OFFER message to the router (relay). And then the router sends
> the OFFER back to the server instead of the client!
> Linksys is a good company as far as I know, so this must be my fault.
> Does anyone have any ideas?
> Best regards and thanks,
> Panayiotis

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