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Re: server monitoring

On 14/05/2012 9:34 PM, Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
Hello --

As far as a general monitoring solution is concerned, I would recommend the Nagios Core
application. I have been using it for some time, and it does have plugins that can handle
most, if not all of the items you listed in your e-mail. I have also deployed another
server that utilizes the LogAnalyzer application to monitor the log files on the server.

As the other posters suggest, Nagios is great for monitoring services etc. and it is very easy to write your own plugins to do exactly what you want. There are also various other frontends/forks of Nagios such as Opsview which give it a pretty web UI and make the config very easy.

For the integrity monitoring I have had great success with ossec. It is easy to configure and you can set up active responses (eg. firewalling an IP) that can trigger on certain events.

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