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Dependency based boot sequencing and Canon printer

  I have a Canon LBP7200C networked printer and, in spite of Canon
advertising that it works with Linux, it was the devil to set up.  I
finally found Radu Cotescu:


His script installs the printer for CUPS, and it has been working for
the past year or so.  The system is Squeeze i386 and nothing
particularly special about it.  Over the weekend, lots of upgrades
came in when I did my normal:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

One of these was "dependency based boot sequencing", which complained
about Radu's script "ccpd" in /etc/init.d, as it did not have the
required LSB header fields.  Some searching, and I was able to add
these to the start-up script.

  The printer has stopped working!  I'm suspicious of the
dependency-based sequencing since that was the only upgrade which
mentioned the printer, but another one of the upgrades may well have
disturbed the printing system.  Before I start the tedious debugging
process, has anyone else had a similar experience and worked out what
went wrong?  Initial investigations show that ccpd always starts
before cupsd, but I don't know what the state was before the weekend
upgrades.  The logs have not indicated any error in starting either
cupsd or ccpd, both are running and can be restarted without error.

  Thank you very much.

Rob Hurle
Rob Hurle
ANU, College of Asia and the Pacific
School of Culture, History and Language
Histories of Asia and the Pacific
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