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Re: Wheezy USB Harddrive install grub2 issues

On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 9:46 AM, Indulekha <indulekha@theunworthy.com> wrote:
> Actually, I just remembered something -- depending on how many usb disks
> you have plugged in at boot, the /dev/sdx assignment may change, and in
> my experience grub is terrible at dealing with that in spite of
> allegedly using uuid... For instance, I have two usb drives, either of
> which may be designated /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc by the system -- if I plug
> both in and try to boot from one of them, it may or may not work as a
> result. If I plug only one in and grub considers it "/dev/sdb" it will
> always work. I don't know why grub should care about the /dev/sdn designation
> if it has access to the uuid, this strikes me as incredibly stupid and would
> seem to indicate that uuid support in grub is only partially implemented
> (i.e still requires "dev/sdn" to be correct or uuid search fails). But that's
> the way it seems to work, nonetheless.
> So when you install grub and boot, if possible make sure no other usb
> disks are plugged in and see how that goes.

+1 for the number of disks plugged.

UUIDs aren't of any use when installing grub to the MBR because
they're a property of the filesystem and not the disk. You might be
able to use "/dev/disk/by-id/..." instead of "/dev/sdX", at least in
more recent grub versions.

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