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Re: Only 3.6gb of 64gb RAM recognized by 64bit squeeze

On 09/05/12 08:09 AM, Johann Spies wrote:
Hallo Seyyed,

Before anybody starts arguing that I don't have 64-bit, this is uname -r and
uname -m:
root@n03:~# uname -r
root@n03:~# uname -m
I have a similar problem on a computer I bought a few years ago and only
recently found that the cause might be a buggy bios.

I don't have 48Gb ram but only 4Gb and can use about 3.3Gb of it.

Both of you: Have you tried booting from a live disk for a different distro. I'd suggest something really different, like Fedora or OpenSUSE, and not one based on Debian.

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