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[not sure if OT] empty DVD menus with k9copy and devede

Hi y'all:

I'm using Debian Wheezy on i386 hardware.

Recently I had to exchange my harddrive because the former one (after less 
than a year) started to act up.
I decided to start afresh and reinstalled wheezy and to just copy over my 
/home and some adjustments I made to /etc.
Everything fine - so I thought.

Only later I realized that all my DVDs, which I "produced" since then, using 
devede and k9copy have empty menus. That means: the menufile plays in a way 
that I can see the progess-bar e.g. in Kaffeine but the menu does not show up 
so I can't chose a video nor can I make use of those DVDs on an ordinary DVD-
Nevertheless I can play all videos on that DVD by opening the .vob directly 
with VLC or Kaffeine or any other s/w. Just the menus are empty.
The problem exists already in the ISO-image which I can test by loop-mounting 

The burning process is not the problem, because I can use an older ISO-image, 
burn it and it is OK.

My question:
Which program are both k9copy and devede using to produce the menu-file.
Isn't it dvdauthor?
If yes, I can proceed to figure out the problem.

Thx to all

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