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Re: Installing Wheezy on btrfs only (multi-device)

On Sun, 2012-05-06 at 22:30 +0900, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > > > Unfortunately the Debian installer (daily build for wheezy) is unable to
> > > > create multi-device btrfs volumes.
> > > 
> > > Yah.. but you probably can do this via shell screen.
> > 
> > I don't think I'm able to do that from the rescue mode shell without
> > using an existing installation, without the existing installation I get
> > a 'Command not found' error on 'btrfs device scan', I assume this
> > includes the whole btrfs command.
> It is easiest to do it using an existing installation.

Another attempt, mixed success.
I created the btrfs filesystem using the ubuntu live cd (2 subvolumes, 1
for the root fs, 1 for /home, and set rootfs as the default subvolume),
then started the Debian installation again from the daily netinstall
Although the btrfs command isn't available from a shell, the btrfsctl
command is, so I was able to issue a "btrfsctl -a" command, equivalent
to btrfs device scan. Then in the partitioner I can select a single
partition that is part of the btrfs file system and mark it to be used
as the root fs /. The Debian-installer will then correctly mount the
btrfs file system (all 6 drives) and use it to install.

The installer only fails to install the grub bootloader, I think because
it cannot detect the multi-device btrfs file system.
I then opted for skipping installing a bootloader, figuring I could do
it afterwards in rescue mode. Installer finishes up without any further

Installing grub from rescue mode (after manually issuing a btrfsctl -a
command again) using the array as root fails with
'grub-install /dev/sda' telling me "Auto-detection of a filesystem
of /dev/sda2 failed."
Every disk has 2 partitions, a 20 MB BIOS boot partition (I thought this
might be needed because of the use of GPT partitions, not sure), the
rest is allocated to a partition used for the btrfs filesystem.

Currently I'm stuck there. I'll have a look at it again tomorrow.

> Well... I see btrfs-tools-udeb package.  If you install via expermode,
> you may be able to chose to install btrfs-tools-udeb via menu.
> Otherwise, install such packages via wget and dpkg to rescue system
> provided you have enough memory

btrfs-tools-udeb isn't available from the expert install, it is loaded
anyway as part of the partitioner.

> I think with skill and knowledge you presented, if you are successful
> doing this with help of shell etc., you should present specific
> procedure needed to do this to d-i BTS as wishlist bug.  That should get
> it supported smoothly for upcoming release.

Good idea.

> > Kind regards,
> > Steven
> Osamu

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