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Re: It is not worthwhile reporting a bug on Debian wheezy/sid..

On Thu, May 03, 2012 at 02:15:57PM +0100, Brian wrote:
> > Your version (1.2.10-2.1) of gorm.app appears to be out of date.
> > The following newer release(s) are available in the Debian archive:
> >   testing: 1.2.10-2.1+b1
> >   unstable: 1.2.10-2.1+b1
> This version is for kfreebsd only. Are you using it?

This is an interesting situation. Indeed, the +b1 version is only for the two
KFreeBSD architectures.

If the OP is not using KFreeBSD, then this is a reportbug bug (since there
isn't a newer release available for the user's architecture.) There doesn't
seem to be anything similar reported, yet.

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