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Re: Swap space not used

Hello Stephen,

Stephen Powell <zlinuxman@wowway.com> wrote:
> It is my understanding that,
> assuming suspend/resume is supported, your swap partition
> should be AT LEAST as large as TWICE the amount of RAM.
> Suspend/resume will consume a RAM's worth right out of the
> starting gate.  The rest is then available for regular swap
> file activity.

This is - more or less - wrong. Suspend/Resume will consume at most
swap space corresponding to the used RAM (i. e. with compression and
dropping of buffers/caches, it can be far less). However, this swap
space is not used during runtime but only on suspend, so if there is
no need to suspend under heavy load (used swap usually indicates
heavy load on a desktop and I fail to imagine a reason why you’d like
to suspend a server…), swap the size of RAM is definitely enough.

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