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Re: Swap space not used

On 02/05/12 09:00, Bret Busby wrote:

I am running Debian 6.

When I installed it, I had a swap partition of about 40GB set up, as is
shown by gparted.

But, for some strnge reason, Debian 6will not use the swap space, even
though gparted shows it to be "Active".

Instead of Debian 6 using the swap[ partition, it just runs out of
memory, progressively, requiring rebooting every few days.

Why is this so?

Thank you in anticipation.
Your swap partition is, very likely, too large. As a rule, your swap
partition should be the same size as your RAM. Do you have 40GB RAM?


Sian Mountbatten
ex-Algol 68 specialist

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