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Re: Shorewall startup question

> That you can provide such detail and yet not use the tool yourself.
> Hugo

> >> Do you run shorewall?
> > 
> > Not at all.

Hugo, despite being complex in appearance shorewall is 'easy' to set up for a strong
firewall with example files provided with the installation. The installation can be
a work in progress if you're curious, without starting it until you're ready. Don't
forget that /etc/default/shorewall directory unless you like starting shorewall
manually at every boot.

I used to use the arno-iptables-firewall an even simpler installation for a strong
firewall but the script that runs arno-iptables-firewall can be adjusted to do
whatever exotic requirements you may need just like shorewall.

Hugo, what would be really impressive is if 'you' started using mutt as your email
client. I would be impressed at least.


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