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Re: Script request for files truncating with genisoimage

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 07:09:02PM +0100, Sharon Kimble wrote:
> i am using genisoimage on this folder ...../home/boztu/Music/Irish Celtic
> Music Collection Version 2 .... which contains 2976 mp3s, but it is truncating
> the file names after the first word of their title. It appears to be doing this
> at the first space that it encounters, so I'm hoping someone can help me by
> suggesting a script that I can run that will remove all spaces in the file
> names, before .mp3, to enable genisoimage to run properly. The iso it creates
> is 18.9gbs in size and I then run split to make it into 4gb sized files to be
> burnt to dvds.
> Can you help me please? I realise that I'm asking a lot but script
> writing is not something that I'm very good at and dont know where to
> start.

You're doing it wrong :-)

Figure out how to use datapacker.  Please provide more info about how you've tried
it so we can help you solve why it isn't working for you. (either in this thread
or in the other.)

Then, generate *multiple* ISOs, one for each disc you're going to burn, and use
-r and -J arguments to genisoimage when you create these ISOs. The individual
DVD images (which will be no larger than about 4.3G if you use datapacker
correctly) will have the filenames correct.

Burn each of these ISOs individually.

The approach you are using is doomed to failure. You're creating a gigantic
ISO, which can't use Rock Ridge and/or Joliet due to the size, and so your
filenames are limited to a max of I think 8 characters without spaces, which
will make distinguishing *any* 2,976 files hard, even if you remove spaces and
rename files to try and help. You're then splitting the ISO image up - which
cannot be used again until recombined - and burning each bit individually, *as 
a file within another ISO image, one per disc*!  The net result is going to be
five ISO filesystems on DVD-Rs, each containing a single file which is a chunk
of a larger ISO filesystem, with the majority of the file metadata (their long
file names) missing.

Jon Dowland

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