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Re: SOLVED Re: genisoimage and burning the iso created.

Sharon Kimble <skimble04@gmail.com> wrote:
> I installed datapacker from the repo but do not understand how to use
> it. It does not appear to be able to be directed to a specific
> directory where the mp3 files are without checking other directories.
> I've read http://jgoerzen.github.com/datapacker/datapacker.html but
> still fail to understand how to use it.

I don't have time to look into it right now, but a quick glance at 
"man datapacker" does show there are quite a few options, and so 
it may not not particularly simple to use for the first time.
Nowadays I usually just put things on USB sticks or external hard 
drives, so there's rarely a reason for me to write to optical media.
IDK why none of the GUI disk writing programs can do it automatically, 
though -- I do know windos media player can do this automatically 
because I did it once for a friend. It's about the only thing I was 
ever really impressed by in windos, LOL. I dragged and dropped 77 GB 
of music into wmp's burning screen (whatever they call it) and it 
immediately proposed a solution. I accepted, and it worked great. 
Wish we had something like that! 
(minus the DRM-encrusted garbage that makes up much of wmp, of course)

> Yes, I check the dvds when i've burnt them that they are readable by
> me and the computer itself.

That's rather peculiar.  I have the distinct impression that the best 
one can do with "split" is to end up with mere *fragments* of the 
original iso, which must then be reassembled to be useful. 
Has this changed? Or perhaps I misunderstood what your goal was?
I though you were looking to play music files directly from the 
resulting dvds...

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