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Re: OT - New Google algorithm

On 30/04/2012 11:04, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> For the last 3 weeks there has been a roughly 70 per cent drop in the
> number of hits on my web pages (although one of these pages in contrast,
> has seen a steep increase). Googling finds that there has been a change
> in the algorithm they use, which is intended to catch people using
> underhand methbods of inflating their hit rate. (I don't do this.) Has
> anyone else noticed anything similar?

You can always get the Google Toolbar add-in for Firefox and see what
your Google Page Rank is. I know Google announced that they were going
to be moving to a context based search offering unique search results
and would be making major changes this month.

The only way to make sure you always hit high is to make sure you're
relevant and your site is responsive and adheres to W3C standards.

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