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Re: ..solved: two video cards on Squeeze

Rob Owens wrote:
> Actually, I now need to figure out how to make the two screens act as
> one.  Currently, I can open applications on either screen but I can't,
> for instance, drag an application from one screen to the other.  I'm not
> sure if I can do that with separate video cards, though.

In Squeeze the support for dual monitors changed.  It is no longer in
the configuration file, although it can be optionally placed there.
Now multiple monitor a userland operation using the xrandr interface.
This is nice actually and allows useful scripted configurations.  Use
the 'xrandr --query' to print attached device information and then use
the device information to specify where the monitors are placed in the
larger logical screen.

I have the following in my init files.  I will avoid mentioning the
file I am using because I doubt you are launching the same way and it
would just cause confusion.  But this is how I turn on dual monitor
support these days.

if xrandr --query | grep -q HDMI2; then
  xrandr --auto --output HDMI2 --right-of HDMI1


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