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Re: Single boot EFI Mac install

On 2012-04-25 22:03, Dan wrote:
> What is the advantage of booting Linux directly with EFI instead of
> using rEfit? The performance is improved if the system is booted with
> EFI?

No, once running the performance is the same.

> Or it is just that it will boot up faster. I do not have a mac,
> but I might buy one and install Debian.

You will win a few seconds when booting up, that's it. But consider
this: You can very well put your Mac asleep with super low energy
consumption and wake it up in no time. There's actually no need to
reboot all the time IMO.

One argument for keeping multi-boot:
If you keep your original Mac OS on a small partition, in my case 30 GB
are sufficient, you can upgrade your Mac from time to time with Mac OS.
This is not needed for the OS (Linux is your love ;-)), but you'll need
it to get EFI updates as well in an automated way.

HTH, ändu

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