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Re: 2TB USB hard drive for backing up

If you want to be happy and trouble-free, try to avoid «Advanced
Format» disks. I have 2TB disks and 1.5TB too that work perfectly but
I've made the mistake to buy a 3TB WD Caviar Green («Advanced Format»)
which I can only use on Windows as a 3TB disk, Linux only detects
about 780MB if I remember well. Try to not make the same mistake.

2012/4/21 Sian Mountbatten <poenikatu@fastmail.co.uk>:
> I am going to buy a big USB hard drive to backup films, music and photos. In
> fact, I might backup the system (at least, the list of packages installed).
> Anybody out there tried a 2TB USB hard drive? What did you use as filing
> system. I am intending to use ext4. Any comments?
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> Sian Mountbatten
> ex-Algol 68 specialist
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