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Re: 2TB USB hard drive for backing up

On 24/04/12 14:30, Camaleón wrote:
On Tue, 24 Apr 2012 13:20:05 +0200, Alberto Fuentes wrote:

On 21/04/12 19:34, Camaleón wrote:
Yes, and I'm against partitioning too much but considering the big sizes
of the actual hard disks it has become a must, also to minimize a
filesystem corruption in a partition that can affect the whole data.

I'm also against partitioning too much. I've had very little trouble with hard disk drives over the years; I've certainly had no crashes or file corruption.

Not so long ago, my new SSD failed and I had to re-install the system. Unfortunately, I had not backed up all my data, so I lost some.

While I wait for the new 2 TB HDD, I am copying data across my home LAN to my laptop which has a 120 GB HDD. I was using the WiFi network provided by the computer consultants downstairs: it gave me 1.2 MB/s transfer rate. When I succeeded in getting the Ethernet working, I got 9 MB/s. I've now checked the ethernet NICs at both ends and they are both Gigabit devices. So I've ordered a 5m Cat5e ethernet cable from Amazon which should give me 120 MB/s transfer rate. That would certainly make it convenient for security backups.

I've also installed ukopp which looks as though it will do incremental backups.

I intend using the 2 TB HDD for three purposes:-
 1. Full security backups
 2. Incremental security backups
 3. Archival backups

Last night, I split two film files into 4 GB pieces and used Brasero to write the pieces to 4 DVD+RW discs. So that's another, safe, way of backing up my data. I am now going to write my 4.3 GB music collection to another DVD+RW disc.

Sian Mountbatten
ex-Algol 68 specialist

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