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NEWBIE sanity check re gnome-ppp PLEASE

OK already -- I've written both UNread manuals and MISread test procedures ;/

What am I using - I'm not sure:
1. the *HAND written* label on CD I used to load identified it as
     DEBIAN 6.0.3 with GNOME desktop
  2. initial attempt to use gnome-ppp failed
  3. I then did
     man gnome-ppp
  4. It said there was an option for
          gnome-ppp --version
4A. it yielded NO version information, but brought up attempt to dial
      screen which failed if not super user

How do I use gnome-ppp as normal [NOT super] user?
How do I create clickable icon to dial into my ISP as a 'normal' user?

After those questions are answered, how do I download and install SeaMonkey such that clicking an ICON will dial into my ISP and launch SeaMonkey -ICEweasel is FROZEN out as acceptable method.

NOTE BENE: WEB references needed as Linux not working too well now ;/

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