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Re: Prompting for settings on first boot of a pre-installed image.

21.04.2012 17:57, Camaleón kirjoitti:
> On Sat, 21 Apr 2012 15:06:30 +0100, peter green wrote:
>> Sometimes it is desirable for a system to be shipped in a pre-installed
>> form. This may be pre-installed on hardware or it may be in the form of
>> an image. In such cases there are a number of questions (language,
>> keyboard layout, hostname, network settings, timezone etc) that will be
>> known to the end user but will not be known to the person doing the
>> installation. There are also certain security settings that should be
>> reset under such scenarios.
> Mmm... You mean something similiar to what Windows pre-built OEM systems 
> do, right? When you first power on your brand-new computer, you get a 
> guided wizard that allows the user to input his/her basic data and then 
> it finishes the setup and configures the desktop.
>> The obvious soloution is to set things up so that the user is asked
>> these questions when they first boot thier system. I could probablly
>> roll my own scripts to do this if I had to but i'm wondering if this is
>> an already solved problem and if so whether someone could point me in
>> the direction of the soloution.
> I don't of any tool to automate this task in linux (it's usually the 
> admin who makes this job at install time instead the end user or is the 
> user who afterwards configures the system to his/her needs) but it would 
> be more than convenient to have such standarized tool at least for 
> companies who sell or prepare their own pre-built Debian systems.
> I wonder how Canonical, Red Hat or SUSE SLES/SLED (i.e., commercial linux 
> distributions) manage this...
> Greetings,

I can only answer to your latest wondering. Ubuntu has option for "OEM
install" in LIVE-CD menu or at least it used to have. I think that that
option has moved to alternative (text) install CD.

Mika Suomalainen
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